The company focuses on the high-quality end of the spectrum and every one of its production staff has more than 30 years roll making experience. Producing high quality rollers not only requires the best materials available, but a precision and craftmanship that has evolved over decades. As CEO and owner of the company, I insist that no corners are cut, whether it is securing the highest quality raw materials or meticulous production processes. We see every roll is a unique challenge for us. Our quality control is rigorous. We supply the leading paper, textile and automotive companies in Europe, who in turn, produce the best quality products in their own specific markets. These long-term, often exclusive customer relationships, coupled with our track record of very low customer complaints, make us a leader in this field. If you are able to supply a single customer with 127 rolls over 4 years and only receive one complaint on one roll – I think that speaks for itself!

At the end of 2018, in order to expand our product portfolio, KWF Hilger and Richard Hough Ltd. entered into a technology transfer agreement. This has allowed us to increase our product offering to include the automotive industry as well as producing non-woven rolls for metal finishing. RHL´s leading technical staff is now employed at the KWF workshop in Germany and Mr. Anthony Ashton is advising. Roberto™, Robertex™, Nollap™, Super Elastic™, Syncast™ and our latest innovation, Simtex™, are now part of our product portfolio.

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A. Hilger, M.A., M.B.A, – CEO