The KWF has an extensive machine park and highly skilled staff. Therefore, the company is able to offer a comprehensive all-around service for your rolls.

Manufacturing of new rolls

  • Using CAD software to design bowls
  • Designing safe locking mechanisms to ensure the cover, which is under enormous pressure, works well in the production environment and ensures workers safety.
  • We only use the best base materials, from extra hardened steel to stainless-steel for new shafts. Our mechanical engineers and lathe operators, who each have over thirty years’ experience in fashioning new rolls, work to the precision of 1 / 100thof a mm.
  • The company has an extensive archive of roll drawings dating back about 50 years. We also collaborate with all the main calendering machine specialists, like Andritz, Guarneri and Jagenberg.

Roll & shaft re-conditioning

  • Repairing journals, locking systems etc.
  • Diverse shaft coatings are available to minimize rust build-up and to coat shaft for harsh production environments i.e. acidity, which helps protect and increase lifespan of bowl covers.

Precision grinding

  • Grinding of crowns (Bombage)
  • Diverse finishing’s available;
  • traditional lathe finishing
    • stone-grinding
    • wet-grinding